5 Leather Cover Texture

5 Leather Cover Texture_webtexture

Today’s free web design resource is a combo pack of 5 leather cover texture background.  These leather backgrounds come with nice texture and thread seam.  They also present a super high resolution(4368×2912 or 2798×4254) that enough for you to customize for your project. Please download the package below.

File Size: 70MB
File Format:JPGdownload

12 Replies to 5 Leather Cover Texture

  1. Julian says:

    Download ist broken (Unexpected End of File)! :(

  2. Don says:

    File crash! Size 10.8 mb not 70 mb

  3. Victor M. Ruiz says:

    The file does not work. I can’t expand/unzip it (Error 2 – No such file or directory)

  4. javid says:

    the file is only 10 mb and not opening
    i downloaded it 5 times but ile is brocken
    please give me right link
    i needed it sooo much
    thank you

  5. WebTexture says:

    link has been fixed

  6. awesome textures, thank you!

  7. Ge says:

    I would Like to thanks for the admin of this site, It’s work

  8. Gallarier says:

    Great Texture.
    Thanks a mill

  9. Victor says:

    Thank you!

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